Menuiserie industrielle

Industrial Joinery

PVC / Wood / Aluminium

Twenty years working with the most well known joinery industrialists has enabled Corrupad to develop a wide range of recyclable corrugated cardboard products designed for the bracing and protection of wood, PVC or aluminium units.

Thanks to their amazing properties in terms of damping, crushing resistance and resilience, they are perfectly suited to the packaging of heavy objects.

Custom made solutions can also be designed to meet your needs.







The natural protection...
The recyclable cardboard padding 

Window protection

Custom made corner protection Edge protection Variable width corner protection

Shutter protection

A plier like system allows Corrupad cardboard profiles to fit different widths of shutters.

Worktop protection

Corrupad protections are easy and ready to use  and can fit the shape of your product while protecting it efficiently with no loss of volume.


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